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About Keekok Lee

Keekok Lee is a graduate in philosophy of the University of Singapore, the University of Oxford and the University of Manchester. She taught briefly at the University of Singapore before joining the University of Manchester where she remained until she took early retirement in 1999. Since then she has continued to be active in research and publication, affiliated initially to the University of Lancaster, and latterly to the University of Manchester as Honorary Research Professor/ Fellow (Faculty of Humanities).

She has taught and published in a wide range of philosophical domains, from philosophy of law, moral/social/environmental philosophy, philosophy of genetics and medicine, philosophy of technology to philosophy of medicine as well as Chinese philosophy. Her 2012 monograph is entitled The Philosophical Foundations of Modern Medicine. She has just completed its companion on the philosophy of Classical Chinese Medicine which will be published as two volumes. The first has came out in Spring,2017 and is entitled The Philosophical Foundations of Classical Chinese Medicine: Philosophy, Methodology, Science. Its sequel, entitled Classical Chinese Medicine: Theory, Methodology and TherapyIn Its Philosophical Framework, was published in early 2018.

She has lectured extensively at conferences and academic institutions abroad including Australia, China, Finland, Greece, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, USA.

She was appointed (2003-2005) to the Agriculture and Environment Biotechnology Commission, UK, an advisory body, which made recommendations to the UK government on matters related to biotechnology in agriculture. She has also served on the EU Research Science and Society Programme (the 6th Framework Panel).

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